Justin Lesko

As a volunteer firefighter, Justin Lesko learns a lot and sees a lot of different types of emergencies. He plans to use that knowledge to not only serve the community, but also teach the younger generation of firefighters. The only way you’re going to find out if volunteering is for you is to try it! Visit https://joinwestvillefire.org/ to learn more.

Rob Leahy

Following in his father’s and uncles’ footsteps, Rob Leahy joined when he was 15 and has been helping people ever since. Rob encourages YOU to join to help strengthen the fire department and the community. Sign up at https://joinwestvillefire.org/volunteer-contact-us/

Dan Baker

For firefighter Dan Baker, the heart of volunteerism is all about giving back to the community and helping others. Take pride in what you do and become part of our team! Sign up at https://joinwestvillefire.org/

Alex Ruffalo

Firefighter Alex Ruffalo loves the action as a Westville Fire Department volunteer. With the department’s high call volume, he is able to help many people in the community and learn a lot from more experienced members. Join Westville Fire Department today!

Drew Campbell

As a volunteer firefighter/EMT, Drew Campbell is able to make a difference on any call whether it’s simple or complex. Through it all, his training at Westville Fire Department prepares him to handle any emergency.

Father and Sons Learn New Skills at Westville Fire Department

Richard Hubbs, his son and stepson have all been volunteering in the fire service since they were teenagers, but only recently began volunteering together at the same station, Westville Fire Department. Richard, 59, grew up with his dad, uncles and stepfather in the fire service, and wanted to follow in their footsteps to help the community. Richard joined the fire service after graduating from high school at age 18 and …

Westville Fire Department Seeks Volunteers in New Campaign

Westville Fire Department responds to more than 1,000 emergency calls annually – and they could always use more volunteers to do it. That’s why Westville Fire Department launched a volunteer recruitment campaign to run from 2022 through 2025. A new recruitment website, JoinWestvilleFire.org, and the slogan “Pride in Our Past, Trained for Tomorrow” will be used throughout the campaign. It acknowledges the fire department’s proud history and how their volunteers …