Westville Fire Department Seeks Volunteers in New Campaign

Westville Fire Department responds to more than 1,000 emergency calls annually – and they could always use more volunteers to do it. That’s why Westville Fire Department launched a volunteer recruitment campaign to run from 2022 through 2025.

A new recruitment website, JoinWestvilleFire.org, and the slogan “Pride in Our Past, Trained for Tomorrow” will be used throughout the campaign. It acknowledges the fire department’s proud history and how their volunteers use diverse training to be prepared for any future call.

In addition to the website, the comprehensive recruitment plan includes social media management, advertising, public relations, targeted residential mailings, videos and more.

Westville Fire Department’s recruitment campaign runs for four years and is at no cost to taxpayers. It’s funded entirely through the Staffing for Adequate Fire & Emergency Response (SAFER) grant by the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA).

“Our campaign offers an inside-look of what it’s like to volunteer at Westville Fire Department and how rewarding that can be,” said Deputy Chief Steve Cope. “We are excited for the next four years and to welcome many new volunteers to our ranks.”

To learn more about volunteering, the website JoinWestvilleFire.org will be incorporated into all print and digital marketing materials to encourage the community to sign up. Website visitors can also fill out an inquiry form to learn more about the department and begin the application process.

Exciting Opportunities for Teens and Adults

Westville Fire Department volunteers are trained for any type of emergency thanks to diverse training sessions. From engine ladder rescues and marine calls to car accidents and medical emergencies, every call is unique.

“If more volunteers join Westville Fire Department, we will be able to leave the station faster and help whoever dialed 911 quicker,” said firefighter Drew Campbell. “When it comes to fires and emergencies, every second counts.”

Westville Fire Department is seeking volunteer firefighters, firefighters/EMTs and junior firefighters to join its team.

“All our volunteers receive free gear and training, so don’t let lack of experience hold you back from signing up,” said Captain Mike Krier.

Volunteer firefighters, ages 18 and older, respond to fires and emergencies in homes, commercial or industrial buildings, and along major roads. They protect the community by learning interior and exterior firefighting, and search-and-rescue operations.

Volunteer firefighters/EMTS, also ages 18 and older, help save lives by providing medical treatment and emergency first-aid in addition to using firefighting skills.

Teenagers 14 through 17 can join Westville’s junior firefighting program. Junior firefighters assist on fire calls with exterior groundwork: running hoses, helping with the water supply at the hydrant, laddering buildings, grabbing tools for active firefighters and other responsibilities.

To raise awareness of the need for volunteers, Westville Fire Department hired the services of The Communication Solutions Group Inc., a full-service public relations and marketing firm based in Jenkintown, Pa. The company successfully carried out recruitment campaigns for fire companies in Pennsylvania and New Jersey, including the Firefighters of Gloucester Township, Deptford Fire Department, Woolwich Fire Company and many others.

To learn more about Westville Fire Department or to fill out an inquiry form, visit JoinWestvilleFire.org.

Editor’s note: To set up an interview with a volunteer, please contact Communication Solutions at 215-884-6499.