At Westville Fire Department, pride in our past motivates us to be the best trained and equipped department we can be now and in the future. Our volunteer firefighters and EMTs are constantly evolving to learn the most advanced skills and utilize the best equipment. Diverse training at local, state and national levels prepare our volunteers for every call whether it involves fires, medical emergencies or marine rescues. Younger than 18? We have a fully-outfitted junior program for teens 14-17.
"Volunteering is much more than fighting fires, it is an opportunity to make an impact on so many people."

—Firefighter Nicholas Stewart

With more than 1,000 calls annually, Westville Fire Department is always seeking more volunteers who are willing to serve the community.

That’s why we need YOU to join us!
As a member of our team, you’ll create lifelong friendships and discover the pride of being a volunteer.

Join Us!